Scorpion is the fifth official album of Drake. Drake is often referred to as the most polarizing figure in modern pop history.  Scorpion in a double album i.e., two albums packed together. It consists of 25 tracks with varied musical sentiments. This album is a sure improvement on what we have heard before. The album opens by directly addressing the state of affairs associated with Drake’s life.


“Emotionless” is the first essential track of the album. Bright spots of the album are “Nice for What” and “Summer Games.” The tracks are captivating and give a sense of energized and more self-aware Drake. A considerable part of the album is directed towards the significance of fatherhood. Drake discloses for the first time about his son. But it should not be taken as a full-length response to “The Story of Adidon” in which Pusha T has accused Drake of keeping his son as a secret to the world.


Some part is purely dedicated to this, but not all. In conclusion, the album is about 90 minutes long, richly produced and focusses on broadening our attention spans. The album is good and tries on improving our experience of enjoying life’s music.

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