A Marriage Ends: Sophia Bush’s Divorce After One-Year Union

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes, her husband, parted ways on June 27, a mere 16 days after marking their first wedding anniversary, as revealed in her divorce documents that both Us Weekly and Page Six obtained. The split’s driving force was labeled as “irreconcilable differences.” According to a prenuptial contract, both parties, who married in June 2022, have declined to request alimony.Sophia Bush is seeking a division of legal fees between them in the divorce she initiated on August 4. The document presented by her lawyers stated that the precise details of the individual assets and liabilities of both parties are undetermined at this moment but noted that each spouse would retain their respective separate properties and debts following the conditions of the pre-marriage agreement they both signed.

There are no children between the couple.

On Friday, People magazine disclosed that Bush had submitted a divorce filing, following slightly over a year of matrimony with the co-founder of FocusMotion Health. An insider exclusively conveyed to the publication that Sophia and Grant had been friends for a decade and that their friendship deepened during the COVID pandemic due to their mutual interest in community service. They still cooperate on their nonprofit and maintain a cordial relationship.

A couple of months prior, Bush and Hughes openly exchanged congratulatory messages on their anniversary. In a deleted Instagram post, she expressed her feelings about the past 365 days as Hughes’ wife, labeling it the most significant choice she ever made and describing the joy they experienced as they looked forward to their future. She concluded the post with a heartfelt expression of love and a wish for a happy anniversary. Hughes responded with a heartfelt note, reflecting on the incredible, dynamic, exhilarating year filled with growth they experienced together and affirming his love for sharing life with her.

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