Apologies and Audits: The Twisted Narrative of Tasha K’s Fallout with Cardi B

The road ahead for Tasha K is daunting, with the lost defamation suit to Cardi B looming large.

The outcome was a steep $4 million debt, leading the blogger to declare bankruptcy.

All the while, Cardi B sought an audit of Tasha’s income to gauge her ability to compensate for damages.

Tasha’s preference, however, is to negotiate a feasible payment plan.

In a recent bankruptcy court hearing, documented by Radar Online, Tasha expressed her inability to provide Cardi B with the four million dollars.

Her income stream as a digital content producer, in tandem with other variables, contribute to her financial predicament.

A significant drain on her finances comes from substantial tax debts owed to the IRS.

These debts are divided into two, one being $150,000 and the other, $30,000.

Adding to her financial woes, Tasha K announced bankruptcy in May.

This decision came one month post the court’s verdict allowing Cardi B to confiscate her property towards debt settlement.

Currently, the amount Tasha still owes Cardi is ambiguous, given that Cardi has already taken a portion of her YouTube earnings.

Tasha’s bankruptcy filing documents indicate a meager $95 in her checking account. She also reported that her assets equate to approximately $59,000.

This sum includes a $47,000 Chevy Silverado, which carries a $53,000 financing lien, and other assets valuing $12,000.

Yet, the trajectory of this saga took a turn following Tasha K’s bankruptcy declaration. Cardi B momentarily halted debt collection following the filing.

Nevertheless, the peace appears short-lived as Cardi B recommences the income audit.

The tension intensifies due to Tasha’s sarcastic apology directed at Cardi B’s fan base, adding spice to the ongoing dispute.

Although this did not alleviate her legal challenges, it is anticipated that the social media war will persist once the legal matters are concluded.

Tasha shared a sarcastic apology on Instagram: “Between me & the surgeons, we owe y’all a significant apology.

Atlantic is reluctant to fund a second album because of the losses incurred on the first album, which she is now promoting six years later.

I’m deeply sorry. The blame falls on me.” For further details and real-time updates on Cardi B and Tasha K, ensure you keep up with HNHH.

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