Avril Lavigne’s First TikTok Clip Had Fans Clamoring Online

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Famous superstar Avril Lavigne shares her first-ever TikTok video, and fans are clamoring about it online.

Long-time Avril Lavigne fans have been waiting for her to get active on popular social media platforms, and the star granted their wish. The superstar recently joined TikTok, and fans are all here for it. Her debut post broke the internet, and like most of her songs, it was a hit to all her fans.

In the TikTok clip, the pop-pink princess shared, she was lip-syncing to her all-time favorite song, Sk8er Boi. Avril was rocking her iconic red and blue necktie that she also wore during the music video. As the song continues to the chorus, Avril’s clip transitioned into a video of a real skater boy. But it was no ordinary skater boy as it was Tony Hawk who showed off some of his exciting tricks on the ramp. He was wearing the same iconic tie to all the fan’s delight.

Fans already love Avril Lavigne, but they couldn’t help but be impressed by the popstar’s first TikTok video. Many fans were singing with her in the video, while many others are gushing about Avril’s unchanging beauty.

In the comments, Avril’s fans shared their opinions about the star’s unmistakable beauty. One fan asked about her beauty secrets as she seemed to never aged. The star looks so much the same as she looked in her younger years. One follower even likened her beauty to that of a vampire.

Meanwhile, other fans are waiting for Avril’s collaboration with Willow Smith. The two were spotted shooting a project together earlier in the week, and fans couldn’t wait for what they are cooking up. Willow already shared about the pop star taking part in new music she’s releasing for her upcoming album.

While fans are waiting for Avril Lavigne and Willow Smith’s new music together, her latest TikTok video is feeding media frenzy in the meantime.

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