Behind the Scenes: The Illusions of Nudity in ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation

At Fan Expo Chicago, Anthony Michael Hall, known for “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” confessed he was caught attempting to covertly watch Beverly D’Angelo, his co-star, during a scene where she was seemingly without clothing. The event also had appearances from castmates Christie Brinkley, Randy Quaid, and Dana Barron. Hall portrayed Rusty Griswold, the offspring of Clark (played by Chevy Case) and Ellen (portrayed by D’Angelo).

The discussion was restricted due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes limiting details about the film. D’Angelo and Brinkley mentioned that fans frequently recall the scenes they believed were filmed without attire. D’Angelo mentioned that many fans claim her scene was their initial exposure to a woman’s form. Echoing this sentiment, Brinkley shared an encounter where a fan expressed appreciation for what they thought was her undressed scene.

It was Barron, who acted as Rusty’s sibling, Audrey, who divulged that Hall had been apprehended trying to get a glimpse of D’Angelo’s intimate scene. Hall confirmed this account. He refrained from discussing it further, pointing to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Regarding the illusion of undress, Barron clarified that Brinkley was not without clothing in her renowned scene with Chase. Instead, she wore a costume that simulated the appearance of nudity. She recalled Brinkley’s sentiment about preserving some mystery due to her top model status. Reflecting on this, D’Angelo humorously noted her realization that she might have been the only truly undressed one and jokingly questioned her life choices.

The movie, “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” penned by John Hughes and directed by Harold Ramis, narrates the Griswold family’s adventures as they embark on a journey to a theme park, facing numerous comedic challenges along the way.

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