Cyrus Confronts Childhood Scrutiny in Upcoming Yard Performance

The renowned singer is launching a fresh song and will broadcast a unique “yard performance” event soon.
Miley Cyrus is extending her musical festivities this summer.

On Thursday, the 30-year-old artist shared on her digital platforms that her upcoming track, “Used To Be Young,” is set to debut on August 25.

She expressed her gratitude to her steadfast supporters on Instagram, attributing the song to their unwavering support for her evolving self.

In addition to this song revelation, Cyrus indicated she will be showcasing a “Yard Performance” rendition of her album “Endless Summer Vacation,” which made its debut earlier this year in March.

Elaborating on the event titled “Endless Summer Vacation: The Encore (Yard Performance),” she mentioned it’s slated for a broadcast on August 24, 10 p.m. ET via ABC.

The “Midnight Sky” performer has previously presented raw, yard-themed renditions of her tracks. This upcoming session, she noted, will be accompanied by a reflective conversation exploring her three-decade journey.

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She released a brief promotional video showcasing her strolling in an outfit adorned with Mickey Mouse, harking back to her early Disney Channel Hannah Montana days. In this teaser, she pauses to flaunt her shimmering footwear before sitting for a chat, mentioning, “My schedule’s open.”

Hints about “Used To Be Young” had been circulating, with dedicated followers discovering related promotional materials worldwide and Cyrus dropping hints online. On a recent social post, she uploaded visuals of these intriguing posters and a snapshot of herself donning a sleek two-piece. She mused in her caption about the wild days of her youth, drawing from the song’s lyrics.

In her 2023 British Vogue feature, she had initially unveiled these song lines, also reflecting on her history.
She admitted bearing the weight of past controversies and acknowledged facing intense scrutiny in her younger days. Recognizing the severity of the judgment she endured as a youngster, she now believes that she’d never be so critical of a young individual.

In recent conversations with PEOPLE earlier this year, an insider shared that the famed singer is currently in a state of unparalleled health and joy.

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