Fans Adore Tamar Braxton’s New Short Hairstyle

You will see Tamar Braxton’s new short hairstyle this week, and you will surely smile as you start another busy week ahead. If you are among her millions of fans and more than 4.6 million Instagram followers at the time of writing, you will feel delighted.

After all, perhaps a couple of weeks ago, you must have felt like you wanted to see something new in Tamar Braxton’s official Instagram account with the handle @tamarbraxton.

Your desire is granted as Tamar Estine Braxton uploaded two Instagram snaps in a series last weekend. You can see Tamar Braxton’s new short hairstyle in these two photos, and you will agree that this mother of one son looks beautiful.

Besides, she looks sexy wearing a metal black-colored mini dress she accented with her necklace with a big cross pendant. It is unclear where Ms. Braxton was in her two pictures because she did not say anything about her location in her latest Instagram post.

Nonetheless, you can tell that she perhaps met some friends or family members as one of the two images shows her seated on a dining table, smiling with a wine glass. You will also find a person seated beside her who you can surmise is a friend or a family member.

The 44-year-old singer captioned her latest social media post saying, “I realized that I am 100 percent ready for me.” 

Tamar Braxton’s new short hairstyle made her fans awestruck that exactly 132,512 of them at the time of writing this article pressed the Instagram “like” button.

You can read many netizen comments telling the founding member of R&B singing group The Braxtons how they love her new hairstyle. Many fans also noticed and told Tamar Braxton how truly happy she looks in her two new images.

Finally, after seeing the beauty of the Severn, Maryland-born musician and TV personality with her new short hairstyle, you will discover many fans praising her, saying that she is the best singer in the world with so many emotions and power.

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