Fans Learn Diddy, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith’s US$30-M Investment

Fans will discover this week about Diddy, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith’s US$30-million investment in a fledgling electric speedboat firm. These world-renowned public figures are among Arc Boats’ all-star team of new strategic investors.

You will surely feel impressed to learn about Diddy, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith’s US$30-million investment. 

In October, Arc Boats had actually disclosed that Diddy’s Combs Enterprises, Kevin Durant’s Thirty-Five Ventures he co-founded with Rich Kleinman, and Will Smith’s Dreamers VC had joined this new firm’s investors. 

A recent Yahoo! news confirmed this trio’s combined US$30-million investment into Arc Boats. You will find it interesting to discover that despite Arc Boats being open for less than one year, this company has already received investments from a couple of major players. 

In a press release, Arc Boats relayed that Greg Reichow’s wealth of experience making the challenging transition from research and development to full-scale production will aid Arc Boats in accelerating its production ramp over the coming year.

Reichow led much of Tesla’s early manufacturing, automation, and supply chain efforts before joining the Arc Boats board and Eclipse Venture. He will assist the electric speedboat firm in producing their transportation at a much higher volume.

Moreover, Diddy, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith’s US$30-million investment will aid Arc Boats in producing its flagship Arc One, which is known as the “Tesla of the high seas.” This electric speedboat has a price tag of US$300,000 and will soon be available for purchase.

You will also discover that Arc Boats’ objective is to electrify the marine industry. You can tell that this company goal is a lofty one.

Nevertheless, the possible payout for a successful electric speedboat firm could be something to behold when you see the heights someone like Elon Musk has reached with Tesla in recent years. 

Indeed, it will be interesting to witness merely how fast Arc Boats takes off as an electric speedboat firm. 

Moreover, you can tell that Diddy, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith’s US$30-million investment featuring these big-name personalities will most likely draw tons of attention from multiple and various fanbases and businesses.

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