Kandi Burruss Received Support After Sharing Her Story


ATLANTA, Ga. – American singer and TV personality Kandi Burruss shares an incredible story on social media, and fans support her 100%.

The former RHOA star posted a video on her Instagram, a sit-down sharing about a heartfelt story that touched many of her fans. She started the video by saying she has something to share with her fans about a letter from one of her managers. She said someone left the card in her restaurant and hoped it would find its way to Kandi.

As it turns out, it was a letter of gratitude from a lady who Kandi helped to send to school. According to the letter the reality star was reading, she donated to the lady’s Go Fund Me, which was to pay for her school fees. Kandi’s generosity helped the lady finish her Speech Pathology program and study abroad, as was written in the letter.

The reality TV celeb was incredibly touched by the letter and the photos of the said lady, whose name is Sydney Turner, included in the letter.

Kandi Burruss also thanked Sydney for reaching out and sending the heartfelt letter along with the photos. It wasn’t a big deal for her, and she is only glad that she could help out, Kandi said. She added that Sydney could only pay it forward once she’s settled and has carved a life for herself.

Meanwhile, fans were also touched by the letter Kandi received. One fan said that Sydney was so thoughtful to have sent a thank you letter. Someone else said that the story made her cry because it was such a lovely thing to do.

Another fan also liked the video and commented that Kandi is so blessed because she always tries to help other people. Kandi Burruss, through her Kandi Cares Foundation, recently gave some love back with their back-to-school giveaway.

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