Lumione Review: Best Platformer Game in the Market

People play video games to unwind from stress, especially after a long, hectic week. There are many games from different genres that you can consider, like action, adventure, and role-playing games. Whether you’re playing on your PlayStation, Xbox, or computer, you can relax after playing a good one.

On another note, platform games are also popular these days. However, not everyone knows about these games. If you want to try platform games, but you don’t have any idea which one to play, here’s the Lumione review to consider. You’ll know why it’s one of the in-demand games in the market.

Game Information

  • Released Date: October 13, 2021
  • Developer: Gimmer Studio
  • Publisher: Perfect World Games Singapore Pt. Ltd
  • Genre: Action, Platformer
  • Console: Nintendo


This video game is about an elf who lives in the deep-sea, and his name is Glimmer. He dreamt of reinstating the previous beauty of his home. The Light called him one day to break the dark curse in his world. As he continues to explore the adventure, he will find some answers to the puzzle, and it’s all about himself while exploring the world. He has to overcome hearings of wisdom, and he will also tap into his bravery to save the world.


The gameplay of this video game is as straightforward as its story. It’s a platformer game that you’ll play in a side-scrolling setup. You’ll explore the deep-see universe, and you’ll control Glimmer as you take on the journey while you search for the Light. It’s unlike typical platform and action games that you’ll love because it involves puzzle-like levels. As you continue to play this side-scrolling platformer, you’ll learn from your failures as you reinstate the Light of Hope.

This video game has a unique process that combines 3D modeling and concept art to make dynamic and vivid graphics. It’s simple to understand, but it can be very challenging as well. As you control Glimmer, the hero, you’ll climb, glide, and jump while dodging obstacles and traps. If you think the challenges are easy, these are not, especially if you’re faint-hearted. On the bright side, you’ll improve precision as you control the character, and you’ll enjoy all your accomplishments afterward.

There are 170 game levels in it and 10 mechanics. Challenges come in an extensive set with unique mechanics. These include “pinball,” “neon beam,” and more. It may have side-scrolling gameplay, but it doesn’t lack action and fun.


Lumione is one of the trending video games in the market, and if you’re curious why many gamers admire it, here are some of its best features.

The visuals of the game are one of its edges because Unreal Engine 4 accompanied it. The graphics are exceptional, which adds excitement when you play it. You’ll love the background is very dreamy, but it’s not overwhelming in the eyes. The colors are used to match how the gameplay is, and it’s another good feature you’ll appreciate. Plus, the characters are designed well, which is another feature you’ll love more.

The gameplay is also another feature that many gamers admire. It may look simple because it has a meek story, but many gamers are surprised when they start playing because the levels are challenging. As you go through every level, there are many challenges, which is not something you’ll anticipate in a side-scrolling platform.

Aside from the gameplay, your journey is filled with many surprises that make you want to play it more. You’ll love the switch of emotions, from a calm moment to an intense gameplay experience. With a lot of hand-crafted levels, every level is immersive but playable. Whether you’re a professional gamer or not, you will enjoy it.

It’s not only about action because you’ll have to plan your moves as you advance to the next level. You’ll answer to dangers by planning well. Since it involves puzzle-like games as you climb and jump, it makes the level more intense, letting you enhance your skill.

Lastly, the exquisite music that plays in the background when you’re playing will make every level remarkable. You will love not only its graphics but also the sound effects while you’re trying to survive the level.


The Lumione video game is one of the most interesting features, and many games gave it an outstanding rating. There are some points for improvement, but the overall experience is very fulfilling.

The graphics are very impressive in both background and characters. It’s very dreamy, but it doesn’t look weird or irritating in the eyes. What you’ll love more is how the graphics team designed the characters and other elements, making the entire game look more interesting despite being in a side-scrolling setup.

The sound effects match the visuals of the entire game, which is another thing that gamers admire. It adds to the overall gaming experience, along with the appealing graphics, because it will make you feel as if you’re part of the game.

Gamers also love the gameplay because it’s not only about meekness. Despite having a simple story, the levels can be very challenging. If you always enjoy playing games with a different level of difficulty, you’ll undoubtedly love it. Moreover, there are 170 levels you’ll enjoy, unlike other platform games in the market. You will not feel any boredom as you explore it.

Lastly, the levels also involved puzzle-like gameplay. Some think it’s only about action, but it doesn’t focus on combat at all. It focuses more on how strategic you can be. There are some parts where you’ll have to plan what your next move is.

On another note, some gamers didn’t appreciate the game’s story because it was too shallow. It doesn’t have any combat system, which others prefer. Also, it’s not about how skillful you are in killing enemies.

If you want to try platform games, you should try playing the Lumione video game. It’s one of the best video games these days, and it’s also loaded with action, which many gamers love. It’s worth your experience because the graphics and sound effects match each other. Moreover, the game levels are also fun to play, but these can be very challenging, depending on the game mechanics. Not a lot of gamers admired the gameplay, but most gamers enjoyed playing it.

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