Overwatch (2020 Update)

Overwatch Reddit forums are in a massive buzz as the Blizzard game developers released the newest Overwatch anniversary update last May 2020.

For the newbies, Blizzard is the developer of Overwatch, a multiplayer shooter game designed to complete a set of objectives. The game got released in May 2016 in PS4, Xbox One, and Windows. This game is known for its overwhelming features, such as stunningly unique avatar design, gripping action, and dynamic gaming style.

Looking back, Overwatch made a massive success as an e-sports game. There have been many improvements since its release, but it remains popular among game professionals.

To mark its anniversary, here is an Overwatch review for its 2020 update.

Overwatch New Game Features

As Overwatch celebrates its fourth anniversary this 2020, players will receive brand new items and more exciting surprises.

At first glance, Overwatch’s aesthetics and gameplay did not entirely change since its launch in 2016. However, its newest update presents a more colorful and vibrant interpretation of an iridescent universe.

On its new update, you will receive more epic rewards in the weekly anniversary challenges such as Masked Man McCree, Fleur de Lis Widowmaker, and Carbon Fiber Sigma. If you are unlucky in the past years, you can now unlock items from previous events by opening some loot boxes and using your credits.

Overwatch has an upgraded set of its heroes. Each of them has a deep backstory found in their dialogues with other characters or on specific maps.

Design-wise, developers focused on each character’s detail and artwork, which further improved its graphics. With its upgraded design components, it looks great to play on your PC and any game console. Note that it can run on any modern device and older PC setups.

If you choose to play on a game console, you will find that the update has a smooth frame rate and graphics. Meanwhile, the PC can run Overwatch at 60 fps (medium settings) if you use the recommended specs.  However, you may expect that the framerate will plunge for older setups.


One of the massive changes in Overwatch gameplay is the latest role queue system and multiple game modes that offer variety and replay value.

By far, the role-lock system has been the most in-demand feature among Overwatch’s avid players. This time, they offer more fun and unique gameplay experience through character roles. It perfectly combines objective-based-first-person shooter into MOBA-like heroes.

In Competitive and Quick Play modes, you have to select which role you will play in your team at the beginning of the match. You can be the tank, support, or damage. What’s exciting about this new rule is a satisfying all-around gaming experience as you lose flexibility in the game.

In celebration of the Overwatch anniversary, there will be a Mystery Heroes mode and Arcade’s seasonal brawls. If you want to learn on a new set of characters, these modes are the best place to learn as you respawn as a different hero every time you die. The Total Mayhem can also be your new favorite game mode, where cooldown time becomes shorter.

Overwatch 2020 New Features

Before you start playing, check out this list of Overwatch’s general updates:

  • Improved communications wheel
  • Patch notes in-client
  • Custom game updates
  • Competitive Deathmatch Season 3
  • Overwatch character/hero updates
  • New workshop actions, features, and values
  • Bug fixes


Overall, Overwatch’s gameplay is now intuitive, but it can be challenging if you want to take it up a notch and master the entire game. As for the design, Overwatch has become better looking and optimized. Although you can play it as a single-player, it can offer better moments if you can win a match with your friends or team.

If you want to buy a copy, Overwatch costs at $40 on different platforms and often goes on sale around $20 or $15 for the basic version.

Joining the Overwatch community is worth it. It offers endless game modes and addictive gameplay. With its active player base, it will take a long time before its servers shut down for Overwatch.


One of the massive changes in Overwatch is the role-lock system. You will pick among the three roles – damaged, tank, and support. Instead of having the liberty to decide on your hero, you lose the flexibility by focusing on a single character.

Blizzard’s attempt to balance the game still needs improvement. Overwatch had to rely on the role queue to transform the meta from GOATS. However, they later revealed the Hero Pool to keep the meta from shifting. One of its negative results is the increased period of queue times that may further affect the gaming experience.

In the end, you spend your time wishing that you could switch to a support hero to beat a Widowmaker sniper. Gone are the days when you were stuck in a quintuple-stacked DPS squad as you look around the map for a health boost.

You may be a little doubtful of the new role queue as the flexibility of picking various roles has been removed. However, if you are willing to fill any role in your team, it wouldn’t be a big issue. After all, no game is perfect. It does have a few flaws, but you cannot deny that Overwatch has become addictive and engaging.


Blizzard’s anniversary update on Overwatch has led it to become the best multiplayer shooter game of its genre. It offers style, depth, and variety that very few games could ever match.

Overwatch’s gameplay has become more competitive from well-crafted maps, lovable characters, stellar audio design, and gripping action scenes. Most importantly, the fun brought by this game to its players has been ridiculously fun over the years.

All these new features combine to make Overwatch a legendary game. Thanks to its four-year-old foundation, it has turned into an unparalleled multiplayer experience.

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