The Evolution of the French Manicure: Kendall’s Fresh Take

New fashion inspiration alert.
When it comes to style, Kendall Jenner often leans toward timeless choices. The streets frequently catch her in muted tones, and a quick glance at her Instagram showcases an abundance of black, white, and tan outfits, occasionally interrupted by bold red hues. Not long ago, Jenner stepped out in an elegant black dress, with her subtle French manicure echoing her evergreen fashion sensibilities.

On August 21, she shared a series of images clad in a snug black attire featuring ruffled sleeves, an elevated collar, and a geometrically intriguing back. The ensemble, curated by stylist Dani Michelle, included a black Dior Saddle Pouch adorned with red stitches, a set of dark sandals from The Row, gleaming circular earrings, and an eye-catching yellow mobile cover that contrasted beautifully with her outfit.

A notable aspect of her appearance was her subtle phone cover, which instinctively guided viewers’ eyes to her delicately manicured nails. Renowned nail professional Zola Ganzorigt meticulously shaped Jenner’s nails to a modest square dimension and accentuated her expansive nail beds by retracting the cuticles. Subsequent to this, Ganzorigt coated the nails with a flesh-toned hue and crafted a slender white border to encapsulate the French design. This nail art was also visible when Jenner attended an event for her 818 tequila brand, where she donned a sheer ensemble by Gucci.

While the French manicure has remained a perennial favorite, its appeal has surged lately. Modern interpretations such as the subdued and vanilla versions have emerged, typically requiring extended nails either via Gel-X or acrylic enhancements. Yet, the understated ‘micro French’ offers a fresh perspective, particularly suited for those sporting shorter, natural nails.

To complement Jenner’s attire, cosmetologist Mary Phillips crafted a minimalist makeup look characterized by a sun-touched glow and blush-toned lips. Meanwhile, hairstylist Amanda Lee tied it all together, sculpting a sophisticated updo reminiscent of Pam Anderson, featuring stray strands that graced the model’s visage, culminating in a casual bun peppered with free-flowing strands. In essence, Jenner’s appearance was a harmonious blend of timeless elegance, punctuated with contemporary flair.

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