AI-Generated Harry Potter Fanfiction Gets Fans All Excited

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – For all the Harry Potter fans that are looking for another chapter about the life and journey of the wizarding boy, there is a latest Harry Potter fanfiction.  This is brought by the famous J.K. Rowling but through an AI-generated text prediction.

The Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash titled chapter is created by the Botnik Studios. It is a three-page story which was done after the training of an algorithmic tool based on the seven books of the Harry Potter series.

After all that, the result might be a short tale with a meandering and soulless plot. However, like any other good fanfiction, it still contains a slight imprint of the usual J.K. Rowling charm.

The predictive text program, as well as the Harry Potter fanfiction, is the brainchild of Jamie Brew. He previously worked as a writer for The Onion and Clickhole. His predictive text program has already appeared before in various sites such as in object dreams Tumblr and Craigslist ads.

This Harry Potter fanfiction was constructed with the help of several writers. They built sentences based on the suggestion of the algorithmic combinations and authorial discretion. Because of this, the chapter result will not be in the typical word salad when using text prediction. Instead, it will read like any inventive fanfiction.

As a sneak peek, the chapter started with narrating how the grounds of the castle snarled along with the wave of wind that is magically magnified. It continued as for how the sky outside looks like an excellent black ceiling that is also full of blood.

AI-Generated Harry Potter Fanfiction Gets Fans All Excited

There are also several weird turns in this new Harry Potter chapter. There was a scene where Ron is doing some frantic tap dance then suddenly turns into pile mile of spiders. That is not the only strange part of the story. The story would then continue with the spiders trying to make Hermione’s parents their meal.

Another odd part of the story that would either shock or crack up the readers is when the password for the dormitory door was changed to “BEEF WOMEN.”

Admittedly, this isn’t your typical Harry Potter fanfiction. The fact that it was done using a predictive text program, you know it’s not going to be an ordinary chapter with the same flow of events. Still, this would be a great addition that a lot of Pottermore and other readers would love.

Up to this day, there are countless of Harry Potter fans. There are also several fanfics based on the famous J.K. Rowling series that provide readers with unique and outlandish scenes. Some features impressive qualities or just plain bizarre scenarios like one where Voldemort became pregnant.

Fanfictions are usually a way that other writers use to get comfortable with world-building and language. But this process that Botnik used, which they called as “collaborating with machines,” have mixed the absurdity of machines when they try to imitate humans and the creativity of dozens of individuals. The result, nonetheless, is quite magical and worth looking forward for people who are into Harry Potter fanfiction.

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