Amazon Responds to Google’s YouTube Removal From Echo Show, Fire TV

NEW YORK, NY – Amazon recently reacted to Google’s move to withdraw YouTube from its Echo Show and Fire TV devices.

An Amazon spokesperson said that the California-based firm is establishing a “disappointing precedent” after deciding to block the video-sharing website from the company’s aforementioned products. The spokesperson then assured its patrons that the company is hoping to resolve this issue with Google as early as possible.

Google pulled out the Show’s access to YouTube effective on Tuesday, while it will no longer be available on Fire TV starting January 1 next year. It was a clear disadvantage for Amazon’s consumers as they are not given access to perhaps the most famous video platform on the web.

The Verge reported that if no compromise is reached by then, the withdrawal could also affect YouTube’s viewership as Fire TV currently has millions of subscribers all over the world.

The report also noted that Google “damaged” Amazon’s potential profit with that one simple move as buyers might stay away from purchasing Fire TV without YouTube. There is also a chance that a lot of existing Fire subscribers may shift to a different service if they cannot access the video site.

A Google spokesperson also made a statement. According to the representative, the company has been “trying to reach an agreement with Amazon,” but the removal of Google’s products on the e-commerce site is preventing the discussions to move forward.

The two tech giants have been in an ongoing public feud for quite a while now. Both companies went on a back-and-forth retaliation to each other’s moves, which have made tech headlines everywhere. The Verge opined that the two companies’ customers are ultimately the ones who are greatly affected by this saddening dispute.

Amazon Responds to Google’s YouTube Removal From Echo Show, Fire TV

Google was the first one to get disappointed, saying that Amazon has violated YouTube’s terms of service by putting the website’s app on the Echo Show with a broken user experience. The app reportedly missed essential YouTube features, such as related videos, channel subscriptions, and the comments section.

The internet company eventually pulled out the app from the Echo Show earlier this fall, which resulted in a lot of customer complaints.

Amazon then reinstated it just a few weeks ago, but it was done without Google’s consent. The e-commerce firm employed YouTube’s web version to get around Google’s blocking process, with the version running without its maker’s input.

Today, the high-profile dispute has become not only about the video site, with Amazon retaliating by removing most of Google’s products from their website.

Google’s goods such as Google Home, Chromecast, and Nest products are all presently unavailable on Amazon. Popular devices like the Nest Camera IQ, Nest Secure Alarm System, and Nest Thermostat E were blocked last month. Prime Video has also been made inaccessible to Google Cast users.

Amazon has formerly promoted Nest commodities as Alexa-compatible and even cataloged the Thermostat as one of its “Amazon’s Choice” selections. Things have drastically changed since then.

At the moment, the two companies are reportedly discussing a potential compromise to provide a better experience for both of their customers. Fire TV and Echo Show users may soon receive good news as it was said that putting a premium version of YouTube back to Amazon devices is the first agenda.

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