Bioo: The Greenest Way to Charge Your Phone

With only seven days left Bioo Lite has already made over five times it’s goal with the numbers still climbing.

Arkyne Technologies has found a way to harness the energy of house plants for one of our greatest every day needs: phone charging. Based in Barcelona this team has found a way to create an a biological cell system that uses the chemicals expelled from the plant’s roots to create what is essentially a battery. That energy is then fed into a USB cable that pops out of the soil for you to plug into.  These are chemicals that all plants make with or without the Bioo panel. The magic is all in the pot. You just add a little water to activate the “battery”, and then fill it with soil  and whatever potted plant you choose. Day or night you now have your own little portable charging station that also supplies you with free oxygen. I’m looking for a downside and I can’t find one.  They are available for pre-order at their website and their indiegogo is still going for another week with most of the perks still available.

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