Nokia 3310 Offering a Sneak Peak of the New Snake Game

You’ve probably heard about the comeback of the Nokia 3310 together with other Nokia models. It was in mid-February when the news came out about the upcoming release. These smartphones will come in various vibrant colors such as blue, yellow, red, and gray, which in contrast to the monochromatic and plain tone of the older models.

Just like the iconic older version, the new one features a detachable battery and back cover but this time, it is already powered by an efficient version of the S30 software. According to HMD, the new 3310 has about 22 hours of talk time and 1 month of battery life when it is on standby.

If you compare the old Nokia to the new one, you will notice is that the new one looks brighter, slimmer, but a bit fragile than the old version. The new screen is also bigger and it is now equipped with a camera.

Even with all the changes in the new Nokia 3310, one thing they managed to retain is the snake game.

Before all these fancy mobile applications and games, most of us were content with the Nokia 3310 snake game. Many of us were hooked on this game and have spent several hours playing it over and over again. This game was first introduced on Nokia handsets during the late 1990s and was installed on about 400 million phones.

The snake game is probably the first experience most of us have when it comes to mobile gaming. That is why when Nokia announced that the game will be preinstalled on the phone, it got many people excited and nostalgic at the same time.

The new snake game is somewhat similar to the old one because you still need to maneuver the snake around the screen so it can gain points by eating apples and bugs. The more the snake eats, the longer it will become and the higher points you’ll get.

With this game, you get to choose different speeds. The faster it is, the higher the score, too. In addition to all these, the new snake game allows you to have a one-on-one challenge with your friends. You can also play the game as a group where you can see who has the highest score on the online leaderboard.

The phone also comes in multi-colored designs, but its screen resolution is still in the basic 2D format.

The snake game can also be played in Facebook messenger where you just need to open the chat box on your smartphone. Next, you click on the small game controller image while chatting with your friends so you can challenge each other in the game.

When you compare the new Nokia 3310 to the new smartphones, it can’t really keep up with the screen display and the camera. However, this phone has the ability to take you back to the time when everything was simple and when a basic snake game can already bring so much joy and excitement to your everyday activities.

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