Sounds Impressive: The Nura Headphones’ Customized Profile

Nura headphones or Nuraphones are a tailored-fit kind of headphones that have integrated a unique soundwave technology that measures your hearing automatically. Nura company believes that each person has different hearing and adoption capabilities, hence the tailor fitting.

Nuraphones measure your ears’ sensitivity and adaptiveness to sounds and music. Thus, it assesses and classifies your hearing to low tones, mid-tones, or high tones. Nuraphones hold onto the objective of delivering sounds and music clearly, delivering them in a very creative and artistic manner of splitting melodic sounds to an in-ear speaker and bass sounds to the over-ear one.

Customized Sound Profile

Nura headphones’ customized sound profile is what every headphone user needs. Nura is the first ever brand to offer custom sound profiling for its users. Not only its software is compelling but also its hardware.

Nuraphones’s hardware has a cool feature that constitutes aesthetics to the product’s packaging. The headphones have a self-learning capability that reads and measures the user’s hearing ability and automatically adapts the result to the person.

In just 60 seconds, the Nuraphones can automatically determine the user’s unique hearing profile. It offers an absolute sound clarity, lets you feel the depth of the sound, and has a dual-layer isolation.

Nuraphones’s customized sound experience is easily created by using the Nura mobile application on any iOS or Android device. The Nura headphones can store up to three custom profiles simultaneously.

Winner Aesthetics

Sounds Impressive: The Nura Headphones’ Customized Profile

Nuraphones are designed to give compelling service with utmost comfort. It gives the user the right fit all the time. The headphones come in big packaging, but they are not hurtful to the eyes or do not turn into a full eye-catchy tool.

Nuraphones come in a black matte presentation with round cups. It is completed with a classic-style headband. Rubbery cups are also about the strange small earbuds in it, thus classifying as a headphone with a headphone inside.

Nura headphones promise a good fit to any of its users. Setup process can be a bit tasking, yet the whole headphones are malleable and promote perfect sealing.

Product Features and Specifications

Nuraphones’s box comes with the headphones, USB-A charging cable, and magnetic locking protective case. The headphones itself measure 190 × 170 × 88 mm with 329 grams of weight.

The headphones can also be connected via Bluetooth device with its Bluetooth aptX HD capability. It also is universally wired for Lightning, USB-C, micro-USB, and an analog connection. More so, it has an external microphone that can be used in taking voice calls.

Nuraphones can be used up to 20 hours of sounds and music with its lithium-ion battery. It has a dual passive noise isolation, and it is made of high-grade stainless aluminum cups with hypoallergenic silicon pads best for any type of users.


Nura headphones might come in big packages, yet it knows your ears better than you do. It promotes a custom-fit profiling specifically made to your liking and your ears’ sensitivity. It confesses value for your money.

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