Houston Texans Become the Worst Team in the League

HOUSTON – The Houston Texans have the second-worst record, with just nine wins to their name. 

Texans fans thought the team was doing well after drafting Deshaun Watson in 2017. However, after Deshaun sat out a trade request while facing 22 sexual harassment lawsuits, the team is back to the drawing board. 

Since the beginning of the season, the team only managed to win nine wins while losing more than 15 points in most of their games. 

Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that Watson will play for the Texans any time soon as he remains in limbo since the trade deadline. 

Watson’s issue continues to occupy the team’s mind as they figure out what to do without their key player. 

Nick Caserio always talked about trying to build a winning culture in the team while boosting team character. However, this goal became more difficult with the team’s star on the sidelines. 

However, Nick Caserio remains relentless in his goal to bring the team back to its former glory. According to Caserio, Watson’s case does not “really affect anything we are doing on a day-to-day basis.” 

Tyrod Taylor took Watson’s position while Waston faced these allegations. Taylor managed to give Houston a much-needed win over the Jaguars. 

Unfortunately, Taylor got injured in the first half of week 2 in the Cleveland game. After this injury, rookie Davis Mills took the leadership position. 

With Mills as the starter, the team managed to lose the next six games. 

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