Queen Latifah Gives Emotional Speech at the BET Awards

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Queen Latifah went emotional as she gave her acceptance speech during the BET Awards.

BET Awards honored her with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and it seems like it was a huge milestone for the American singer/songwriter and TV host. The star couldn’t help but be emotional during her speech at the event.

During her speech, the famous singer looked back on her longtime career and shed a few tears along the way. She started by thanking everyone who helped her achieve the successes she had over the years. The star also showed how grateful she was for her sibling and best friends, who were all there for her during high and low times.

Queen Latifah also went to show her gratitude towards the entire BET network for helping the people of color thrive in the entertainment industry. She had a lot to thank the network for, including providing chances for POC when there weren’t any. The star also emphasized celebrating the Year of the Black Woman, which was also the event’s theme. She thanked the BET network for allowing artists like her to achieve their full potential in the industry and shine during the night.

According to the star during her speech, she always celebrated women as a strong Black woman raised her. She also encouraged everyone to stand together and celebrate as no one can live without each other. The famous singer also sent her deepest respect towards every female on the stage for the awards show.

Lastly, Queen Latifah didn’t forget all about her fans who supported her and her career over the years. She showed her overflowing gratitude towards her supported and loyal followers who were there for every crazy thing she did throughout the years.

Queen Latifah ended her emotional and heartwarming acceptance speech by wishing everyone present peace and happy Pride.

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