Talk to Me”: A YouTube Sensation’s Horrifying Success Story

In 2023, the horror world witnessed the rise of a new sensation called “Talk to Me.” This horrifying tale of a seance gone awry, directed by YouTube sensations Danny and Michael Philippou, first grabbed attention at the Sundance Film Festival. It later became a box-office success during the summer months. Demonstrating that the debut directors were more than just a fleeting craze, a follow-up film was promptly announced. Adding to its prestige, the movie received accolades from New Zealand’s renowned filmmaker, Peter Jackson.

The famous director of “Lord of the Rings,” known for his early independent horror creations and restoration work on documentary footage, commended “Talk to Me” for its startling intensity. According to reports, Jackson expressed his enjoyment of the movie, lauding it as the most thrilling horror film he has seen in recent years. He acknowledged that the film’s terror was unceasing, yet it was delightful in a uniquely unsettling manner.

The film is a new achievement in A24’s track record of undisputed triumphs in the horror genre. Alongside praise from an industry giant like Jackson, “Talk to Me” has shown remarkable resilience at the box office, reinforced by favorable critiques from critics.

Robert Daniels offered his assessment of the film in his IndieWire review, describing it as a highly effective horror piece from the Australian Philippou brothers, known for their YouTube fame. He portrayed the movie as a nerve-wracking experience taken to an almost sickening extreme. Daniels posed the question of what would happen if the concept of “Flatliners” were adapted into a cautionary tale for the younger audience that drives today’s viral content. What repercussions would there be for those obsessed with fame, beyond mere shame or slight embarrassment? In his view, the film’s response to these inquiries is both astonishing and horrifyingly unbearable.

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