Jabra Active 65t- One Of The Best Earbuds Around

No doubt the Apple Ear pods are among the best wireless headphones which are currently dominating the wireless headphone market. But they are expensive and is not affordable by everyone that is the reason why Jabra came out with truly amazing wireless headphones at a much lower price tag. The Jabra Active 65t is available for $190 and it gives a truly amazing music experience. The fit of Jabra Active 65t is better when compared to the Apple Ear pods and its noise isolation is also better.

The active 65t comes with some advanced features in comparison to its predecessors Jabra Elite. The Active has improved sound clarity, better fit, sturdy designed, long battery life up to 5 hours, excellent calling quality. It even supports all the major voice assistants.

Among other useful features of Jabra Active 65t, it supports fast charging. You can get the juice for around 2 hours from a 15 minutes charge. Along with that, the charging cases is also capable of giving two charges to the headphone. The sturdy design and a grippier finish save the headphones from falling from your years. Then it is resistant to sweat and comes with an IP56 rating.


In the box of Jabra Active 65t, you are going to get a pair of wireless earbuds, a charging cable, charging case, three silicon ear gels and a user manual.

Smartphone app

Jabra has its own smartphone app available for both Ios as well as Android. This app further enhances the user experience and makes things a lot simple. Using this app, you can easily control various things like the ambiance levels, settings of the equalizer, audio prompts and many more.

Along with that, the firmware of the headphones can also be updated using the same application. You can check for the new version of firmware and can update it in no time.

Why Jabra Active is Different

Jabra Active 65t

The Jabra Active is made to securely fit your ears. The earbuds don’t fall when walking, jogging or when doing other activities. Jabra has removed the heart rate monitor which was present in the previous versions and this allows them to make the Active more slim and compact. It also improved the battery life and now it can run for 5 hours continuously on a single full charge. Then the case can also fully charge the earbuds twice.

Why it’s better than the Apple Ear Pods

Well, the ear pods from Apple are surely very good in terms of its sound quality and performance. But the problem with the ear pods is that it doesn’t fit very well in the ear and you simply cannot use them when running. But the Jabra Active is made for sports activity and it fits securely. Then there is a price difference between the two.


So, overall the Jabra Active is a great headphone for all your needs. The sound quality you are going to get is great and clear. Then there is an inbuilt microphone for calling and voice commands. You are going to get all this for a very reasonable price making the Jabra a must buy option.

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