Huawei’s Mate 10 will Debut at AT&T in February 2018

GUANGDONG, China. – The Chinese company announced that they would be introducing the Huawei’s Mate 10 in the USA through AT&T in February in the year 2018.

The Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and networking Services Company named Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is based in Guangdong, China. They overtook Ericson in the year 2012, and now they are one of the biggest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the whole world.

Even though Huawei is considered the third most prominent company in mobile phones or smartphones and is well-known in the USA, in the year 2018, they will be taking a big step. The Information stated that the company would be making its debut of their phone Huawei Mate 10 on AT&T in the year 2018. The event will be included in USA’s smartphone history because that will be the first time that the US carrier will promote a Huawei high-end smartphone.

The company introduced Huawei’s new smartphone named Huawei Mate 10 last October 2017. It is included on their list of the highest end of Huawei’s smartphones. It also has a silicon design that the company used to improve the phone’s performance when it comes to AI. It has 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and a built-in battery with 4,000mAh capacity. Mate 10 also comes with a dual camera and a Kirin 970 CPU.

Aside from those great specs, the phone also has other great features like the glossy glass construction. The phone comes in the colors pink gold and mocha brown with gold and black finish.

Recently, the company officially announced that the Huawei Mate 10 would debut on February 2018 on AT&T. Aside from that, Huawei is also planning on providing a 100-million-dollar budget for the phone’s advertising expenses in the USA.

Huawei's Mate 10 will Debut at AT&T in February 2018

According to the consumer’s business president of Huawei named Richard Yu, they will be selling the Huawei products in the US through the help of US carriers.

Bloomberg also stated that the company is starting its negotiation this month with another carrier. They asked Verizon to carry and promote their product as well. Reports even went out about the other Chinese company named Xiaomi – which is on the 5th and 6th spot of the world’s biggest smartphone providers – is also negotiating a deal with Verizon and AT&T.

Huawei (and Xiaomi as well, if they get to get the deal with the US carriers) will be facing more challenges in the future while making their way in the USA. Huawei phones are reasonably right when it comes to its quality, but so far they cannot truly compete with what Samsung and Apple can offer.

There may be times that they perform better than those two brands, but most of the time, they act worse. The technology and the quality is not the only issue because they had to make sure first that Huawei can make its name in the US. That is the reason why they are making big plans for promoting or advertising their brand in the USA.

Huawei’s success in the USA can be a great help in making their company grow. In fact, Huawei is now the second most significant phone manufacturer after beating Apple recently this year.

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