iPhone 7: Is It Worthy Update to the Older Versions?

The iPhone 7 is on the market.  And if you have one or are thinking of buying one, you’ll notice there isn’t any change in the design.  It’s similar to older versions, such as the iPhone 6.  But aside from how it looks, the question is how does it work and what does it offer?

First of all, it’s waterproof. And this is a blessing for most people who tend to be a bit careless with their stuff.  So if your iPhone 7 falls in the toilet, gets water spilled all over it, or it ends up in the pocket of your jeans in the washing machine, it should still work.

Another feature we love is the stereo speakers.  They’re louder than past models and can get any party started. However, the bottom speaker is easily blocked, half muting the incredible sound.  This is especially annoying when you’re trying to watch some YouTube videos and the sound keeps going in and out.

A big con of this iPhone version is its terrible battery life.  According to some tests done in the UK, the iPhone 7’s battery comes in last when tested against competitors such as the Samsung Galalxy H7 and LG G5.  If you love to chat on the phone, this may not be the iPhone version you want as you can only log about 700 minutes of call time before your battery dies and you’re left talking to yourself.  However it did do better on battery life when browsing the Internet but it still came in dead last.

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