Overly Intrusive Advertisements Will Be Blocked Starting 2018

MANHATTAN, NY – This past year, Google disclosed that an ad blocker will be integrated to Chrome to prevent intrusive or spammy advertisements.

As Google made the announcement, they also made it clear that not all advertisements will be blocked. They will only block ads that go against the standard of the Coalition for Better Ads.

Websites that have these ads will be notified if their ads are considered below the standard. Google will determine if ads are considered malicious through the Ad Experience Report tool. Selected websites will be given a period of 30 days to comply with the standards.

If they fail, Google will block all their ads, including the ones owned by Google itself. After their ads are completely blocked, they will be allowed to request for a manual review for reconsideration of bringing back the ads. However, the manual review will only do them good if they have already removed the malicious ads.

The reason behind the blocking of the ads is to prevent users from installing an ad blocker. According to Google, when one uses an ad blocker, all ads are automatically blocked, including the ones that aren’t considered harmful. This, in turn, can affect publishers and advertisers. With that, Google had decided that the best approach would be to curb website owners from using disallowed ads. That way, net surfers will not have a reason to use a blocker in the first place.

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Google is also concerned about the overall user experience of net surfers. Because most people find advertisements annoying and intrusive, Google decided that it would be a good approach to block ads that are overly troublesome.

Apart from being the number one advertiser on the Internet, online marketing largely revolves around Google. With that, the other reason why Google is putting a stop to user dissatisfaction is because Google does not want to wait a day when users will be curbed from accessing websites or webpages due to overly intrusive ads.

Once people become discouraged from opening websites, it is not only one website that will be affected. Rather, the entire Internet marketing phenomenon will be affected.

Due to advancement in technology, almost every business in the alley depends on online marketing to boost their promotion and sales. If page views will be significantly reduced due to user dissatisfaction, even the business industry can be affected big time.

Google have plenty of theories about what is going to occur once people stop viewing websites. They do not just plan to watch and see what is going to happen. They want to take action. Thus, they went through with the ad blocking project.

As of this moment, Google has already started evaluating the ads of certain websites, and by February of the year 2018, they will begin introducing their ad blocking app to the public.

On the contrary, rising rumors suggest that the bigger reason Google wants to block certain ads is to gain control over the Internet, not to mention over the online advertising industry. These hypotheses resulted from the fact that advertisements blocking project would only be benefiting Google the most.

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