FL Studio 20 now available for Mac OS

Image-Line just released a new version of its popular music production, FL Studio 20. You saw that right if you're wondering what happened to the outer 8 version you're not alone. This is edition is a major overhaul of the previous ones but released to commemorate the 20th year anniversary of FL ...

YouTube Takes Down Videos of Tide Pod Eating

New York City, New York– YouTube is a good platform to get your message out there. Thanks to the advanced technology, people can now upload videos or even go live anytime, anywhere there is Internet access. Not only does it work for individual users, but it is also highly utilized by small and big ...

Drunk Droning Banned: New DUI in New Jersey

TRENTON, New Jersey – Last Monday, the bill for banning drunk droning was signed by Governor Chris Christie in his final day in the office. This law legally prohibits the use of drones while under the influence of hallucinogens, narcotics, or alcohol. This law also follows similar thresholds of ...

Using Math to Predict a Woman’s Fertility Cycle

WALTHAM, Mass. – Doctors have always advised that one can never be sure when a woman is ovulating because there are a lot of factors affecting a woman’s fertility cycle. In today’s times, there have been a lot of fertility apps available in the market which use math to determine a woman’s fertility ...

Next Big Thing: The James Webb Space Telescope

New York City, NY – Telescope makes people see the world in a larger scale. It makes tiny objects appear as if they can be easily seen from afar, changing people’s perspective. With science’s unstoppable progress, it is often no surprise that big inventions are made every day, changing one’s life. ...

How Apple MacBook Air Started a New Era for Laptops

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – When Steve Jobs launched the MacBook Air 10 years ago, he didn’t know that his invention would change the world. The world’s thinnest notebook came from the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs. They always say that three apples changed the world: the apple used by the serpent to ...

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