The Uncertainty Behind the Elecjet AnyWatt Craze

MANHATTAN, NY – The Elecjet AnyWatt, which is a dongle serving as a charging resource for laptops, had just been released to the public earlier this year.  However, due to high demand, the manufacturer is already accepting orders and shipping requests.

While most people are not comfortable with using dongles, the dongle appears to be getting plenty of positive feedback from users. The device was developed for the use of people who have shifted to USB-C device but still want to make good use of their cables or cords.

The Elecjet AnyWatt was built to convert old laptop chargers to an energy resource for a person’s other devices. The Elecjet has two models. The first model was specifically created for Windows devices, while the other one was developed for Mac and Apple users.

The unit has a maximum capacity of 60 W. However, the current and voltage it outputs are dependent on the capacity of the device being charged. The Elecjet has the ability to adapt itself to the outing capacity of the device being charged.

The Uncertainty Behind the Elecjet AnyWatt Craze

In simple terms, one can charge his laptop, and then the charging unit automatically transforms into a USB-C charger that can charge your other devices.

Despite all the rage about Elecjet AnyWatt, the unit is only appealing to people who don’t own a USB-C laptop. One user found the dongle pretty versatile, especially this past Thanksgiving, seeing as it helped him continuously play his Switch game console even though he forgot to bring his charge, with the help of the dongle.

On the contrary, there is one issue that is keeping some dongle enthusiasts from purchasing an Elecjet although the issue is only significant for Mac users. As of this moment, Apple still is not letting other brands produce a licensed charger for Apple products.

Because the Elecjet is not a licensed product, some people fear that when something goes wrong, they will not have any guarantees. Of course, in the time being, nothing has happened just yet. However, even people who had made purchases are just waiting for some unfavorable news to reach the market.

Most people like the idea of buying this unit due to the immense benefits that it provides, for a price as low as $23.99. That doesn’t mean that they do not have doubts themselves. Because the Elecjet does not have any kind of official seal due to its unlicensed nature, the benefits might as well be too good to be true.

The versatility of a product is determined by the gap between the pros versus the cons. However, because Apple is not giving Elecjet a license to produce charging equipment for their products just yet, then there is no telling what the cons of using Elecjet is.

Elecjet Company has not said anything about the matter. Using the device has many benefits, but of course, these immense benefits carry a risk with it. It is up to the discretion of the customers if they want to take the risk or not of using Elecjet AnyWatt.

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